Pirate Raid July 2023
Sound the alarms!!!

The pirates from Hillarys Yacht Club are coming to raid Cockburn Power Boats on 1 July 2023 at 4.30pm! They are in search of the treasure chest that we stole from South of Perth Yacht Club in 2021. We need your help to defend the clubhouse.

The Pirate Raid in a long-standing tradition amongst the Perth Boating and Yachting Clubs. It is a fantastic event which fosters interclub relationships and is just a whole heap of family friendly FUN! Given the time of year, the Pirates from HYC will arrive by bus.

Dressed in our best Pirate costumes we will defend the treasure chest with toy swords, nerf guns etc. Since this year the event will be held in the middle of winter, water toys will not be used. The raid is a blast of FUN for both adults and children.

After the raid we will hold a celebratory carvery buffet feast in the Garden Island room. There is only a limited number of tickets available, so don’t delay, click the link below and secure your tickets.