The Club has hardstand storage bays available for allocation to Club Members on an annual prepaid basis. Applications are added to a waiting list for the appropriately sized bay based on overall length of the watercraft on its trailer and the number of axles.

The Owner of the trailered watercraft detailed in the Schedule below, hereby applies to the Club for the right to store the trailered watercraft within a storage bay to be allocated by the Club and on the terms and conditions of the Hardstand Boat Storage Agreement and House Rules (as amended from time to time).

The Owner may apply for or accept a renewal offer from the Club, for another Term in accordance with this Agreement.

The owner must attach a certificate of currency for the watercraft insurance covering amongst other things, a minimum of $10 million public liability.

I confirm that the trailered watercraft is registered to me, the Owner and, have attached a copy of the current DOT registration

A non-refundable management fee of $220 is payable on lodgement of this form.

Price: $ 220.00
$ 0.00

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